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Service Level Agreements

Close partnerships start with good service, which is why we continuously work to deliver great value, relevant service and support to our customers.

As part of our comprehensive service offering, we have developed a range of service products so that customers can form a personalised Service Level Agreement (SLA). This enables you to manage your service expenditure with fewer surprises and helps you to achieve your production goals faster and more profitably.

Our SLAs optimise and extend the life of your hardware, maximising equipment uptime and availability.

Take advantage of key performance benefits today:


  • Inclusive labour charges and replacement parts
  • Better planning of expenditure with fewer surprises


  • Access to remote support, even out of hours
  • Faster response times
  • More predictable fix times


  • Minimises downtime for maximum equipment availability
  • Ensures optimum performance at all times

For more information on how a Marel SLA could benefit your production, please contact Andrew Hagger on +44 7875 360808 or email