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Our history

Marel was established in Iceland in 1982 and still has its headquarters there. Marel has evolved from a small company, exclusively focused on the fishing industry, into an international group that operates throughout the food industry. 

Marel is the result of a number of mergers and acquisitions, including:

  • AEW Delford in the UK
  • Marel Iceland
  • Carnitech in Denmark
  • Scanvaegt International A/S in Denmark
  • Stork Poultry Processing in the Netherlands
  • Townsend Further Processing in the Netherlands

In the UK, Marel has existed in the form of several companies for more than 65 years.

AEW Engineering was founded in 1947 and became one the world’s leading manufacturers of high speed bandsaws. It later became a pioneer of automatic portion control slicers and saws - products which are still a food industry standard.

Thurne Engineering was formed in 1969 and was an innovative, forward thinking manufacturer of food processing machinery. The company embraced, pioneered and included vision and computer technologies in a range of high speed slicers which gave bacon, cheese and cooked meat processors huge savings and gains in production efficiency.

Delford was established in 1965 and earned a worldwide reputation for its pioneering labelling and dynamic weighing technology. The company manufactured some of the fastest and most accurate weigh price labelling, checkweighing, grading, labelling, wrapping and sleeving machines and systems in the world.

In 1999 the three companies combined their resources to form AEW Delford Systems. In 2006 they became a vital part of Marel.