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Innova modules

Innova Food Processing Software is a modular offering designed to help you make processing more efficient and profitable. A range of modules is available for managing and monitoring food production. It is scalable and covers every aspect of food processing. You can utilize a single module or install complex, integrated plant wide systems.

We use Innova as a daily tool. It's a way of life for us.

- Rob Smith, Head of Operations, Morrisons, Grimsby, UK.

Innova Food Processing Software covers the most important manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality required in today's food processing. It is designed to improve productivity and reduce cycle-time.

Innova Food Processing Software - Device Control


Get the most out of your Marel processing equipment. You can control your equipment and manage all production parameters straight from the office.

Innova Food Processing Software - Process Control


Innova gives you the most effective processing control available. It provides real-time data for performance monitoring, enabling you to maximize profitability at each stage.

Innova Food Processing Software - Performance Monitoring


Monitor every aspect of your operation. Stay on top of yield, throughput, quality, efficiency and every other aspect that is vital to your business.

Innova Food Processing Software - Weiging and Labeling


A fast and accurate weighing and labeling system for your receiving and packing operation that is fully connected with other steps in the process. Monitor your giveaway and finished goods labeling effectively.

Innova Food Processing Software - Quality Control


Integrate dependable quality control inspection in your food processing plant. Our system offers flexibility in registration and reliable data collection.

Innova Food Processing Software - Logisitcs


Manage all logistical challenges and ensure timely delivery to customers, with our logistics tools. This gives you complete inventory control from receiving to dispatch.

Innova Food Processing Software - Order Processing and Planning


Optimize the complete order cycle, including purchase orders, production orders, inventory orders and sales orders with our order processing software.

Innova Food Processing Software - Traceability


Employ full traceability in our operation and integrate it into every step of the production. Full traceability enables you to act quickly to minimize the size of recalls.

Innova Food Processing Software - Intergration Services


Innova offers standard data interfaces for all your production data. User-friendly non-stop integration with your other systems safeguards processing.