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Real-time reporting

Innova includes live dashboards that monitor processes and production data in real time to respond immediately to any deviations.


A comprehensive, real-time reporting function gives food processors a complete overview of production processes by using Dashboards. Intelligent decisions can be made in real-time to optimize production results and tailor the process view to specific needs.

Monitor process performance and gather real time data from your processing line to monitor:

  • employee targets
  • process line for yield, quality and throughput.


Innova realtime reporting function and dashboards

Innova gathers real time data from your equipment to give you a solid overview of your production. The system generates standard production reports that can be broken down by time, material, customer, and other parameters used for internal and external reporting needs. Innova enables you to easily export data in various formats for further analysis. Innova also includes live dashboards that monitor your equipment and production in real time so you can respond immediately to any variations.

To get visual data in real-time is very important. Especially if you want to improve a certain section of your manufacturing, you will have to be able to measure it. Innova helps us measure in real time and also helps us distribute the information to the whole team.

- Dave Abbasian, Operational Manager, Trident Seafood, US.