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Customer Story

Deboning at Frigosorno in Chile

Four years ago the Chilean slaughtering plant Frigosorno was looking for ways to improve productivity, become more efficient and objectively measure its output. After introducing Marel’s StreamLine technology, the company has achieved its objectives and is now the only meat processing plant in Chile that provides individual-cut traceability with StreamLine technology.

Before investing in the StreamLine system, Frigosorno used a traditional, standard-pace deboning line. So it was a big change for the company to introduce StreamLine technology, which includes advanced software, weighing before and after each operator, primal cuts automatically delivered to each deboning and trimming station and in-line packing solutions. “StreamLine has been a great solution for us, because we can now measure productivity and performance in an objective way at each station and for each operator," commented Andrea Köpfer, production manager at Frigosorno.



With StreamLine’s advanced Innova Food Processing Software, Frigosorno’s management now receives numbers, values, precision and performance for each operator in real time. This allows them to make decisions based on multiple measurements and immediate controls. Each Frigosorno label contains valuable traceability information, including the ID-number of the individual animal the cut comes from, which operator worked on the cut, and which one labelled it, thereby improving traceability and food reliability.


Frigosorno began operation in 1945. In 1978 it was acquired by Group Feria Osorno S.A., which today is owned by more than 400 shareholders. The plant has a deboning capacity of 400 animals per day and is authorised to export to Europe, the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries.