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For superior quality boneless fish

The advanced technology of the SensorX provides bone detection capabilities that are unprecedented among automatic bone detection systems. It delivers much more reliable and consistent results than manual inspection and enables processors to offer superior quality boneless fish products.

Fish quality is enhanced by the reduction in product handling, since boneless products go through the machine without being touched.

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Main Benefits

  • Increase the value of your product
  • Strengthen & protect your brands
  • Keep consumers happy & safe
  • Reduce bone claims


The SensorX has proven itself to deliver superior bone detection, better process overview, less product handling and reduced over trimming. This enables producers to offer their customers a safer more valuable product at a premium price with fewer bone complaints, adding value to their brand.


The SensorX scans the product using advanced X-ray technology. After filleting and trimming, fish are conveyed through SensorX, which serves as an automated quality control station.

Bone-free product is directed to packing, without further handling. Any product with bone content is directed to an operator for manual bone removal. In addition to bone detection, the SensorX can detect other contaminants such as metal, stone and glass. Furthermore the SensorX has been successfully tested to detect needles in injected fish products (i.e. salted fish).

The SensorX commonly achieves a 99% detection rate on calcified bones larger than 0,7mm (in smallest dimension) with false positives at or below 3%. The SensorX solutions includes value adding features such as re-inspection, re-work stations with adjustable led lights and weighing module.

Innova Food Processing Software

Marel’s production management software gives fish processors the most effective processing control of their SensorX. Innova enables processors to control and monitor in order to improve processing performance.

Innova is a great tool to monitor SensorX operations in real-time as well as collect historical data on bone rate and other detailed production reporting. Innova provides the user with live views for monitoring actual performance on the x-ray machine, and delivers reports on throughput, infeed quality, bone detection.

With Innova processors have the possibility of monitoring and comparing performance between process lanes, shifts and suppliers with the aim of optimizing performance and secure high quality standards of the final product.