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Meat processing

Marel is a leading provider of fully integrated systems and services to the meat industry with specific focus on the areas of deboning and trimming, case ready, and food service.

Our products are designed to meet all our customers' needs, from the deboning of raw materials to the packaging of the final product. And from standard, stand-alone machines to complete integrated systems.

Our Innova software system links related equipment together and delivers real-time data from all major parts of the production process, from raw material intake through to shipment, while at the same time providing key figures for each stage.

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Insight Meat Processing

Marel Insight Meat Processing As the market intensifies, a key topic for our industry is the increase in automation. In this issue, see how Marel and its customers are adapting.


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Marel DeboFlex


A shackle-based logistical solution which makes deboning and cutting pork fore-ends easier and more efficient; bringing production management to a new level.


Marel I-Cut 130

I-Cut 130 PortionCutter

With its vision system and flexible software support, this is the ideal machine for high-value portioning of meat.

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New: Insight Meat Processing,
Volume 7

The latest edition of Insight Meat processing is now available to download.