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Pork fore-end and leg deboning made easy

This groundbreaking shackle-based logistical solution makes deboning and cutting pork fore-ends so much easier and efficient; bringing production management to a new level.

Present pork deboning technology is primarily based on pace line flow systems where products are transported and processed on a belt in a random and sometimes chaotic flow.

With DeboFlex, that flow is made simple and orderly, which results in higher capacity, increased yield and improved logistics and ergonomics.

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Main Benefits

  • Higher capacity
  • Increased yield
  • Improved logistics
  • Faster processing time
  • Optimized work environment

Higher capacity

A large proportion of the time spent on deboning in a pace line is currently spent on turning and moving products around. Using DeboFlex reduces this handling time – by making the process smoother and more efficient – which increases actual cutting time and thus capacity.

Increased yield

The DeboFlex simplifies operations such as hanging, neck removal, deboning, skinning, defatting and eisbein (shank) cutting. These new, optimized cutting patterns contribute to improving yield because operators are able to focus on their primary task of cutting, and don’t have to perform multiple operations on the same fore-end.

Improved logistics

With the DeboFlex system, the flow of products is more streamlined. The products move in a shackle line from one process step to the next. This results in greater line efficiency, less manual handling and more effective, specialized operator tasks.

Faster processing time

With improved logistics, processing time is automatically reduced. The resulting major benefits include less work in process, less manual handling and improved shelf life.

Optimized work environment

The DeboFlex system is very flexible in design and factory layout. This results in an improved work environment, less stress and fewer work-related strain injuries. The system is both ergonomic and hygienic.


  • Height of work stations can be adjusted according to operator requirements and preferences
  • Virtually eliminating heavy lifting
  • Limited manual turning/pulling of products
  • Well-structured, automated flow means less stress for the operators while still maintaining output


  • Limited number of contact points and low risk of contamination
  • Decrease in bacteria count
  • Less waiting time, e.g. fewer products kept waiting in large tubs
  • Products pass rapidly through deboning, without delays


Maximum line speed: 1200 fore–ends per hour.

Production of 1200 hogs per hour would require two lines

  • One left line: 1200 fore-ends per hour
  • One right line: 1200 fore-ends per hour


This project is realized with financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, with the province of Limburg, province of Noord-Brabant and the city region Eindhoven (SRE) as co-financer.

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